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1 Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Brain Function
2 Additional Chiropractic Case Studies:
3 Chiropractic Success in a Reform School
4 Chiropractic Treatment of Mental Illness: A Review of Theory and Practice
5 Spinal Patterns as Predictors of Personality Profiles: A Pilot Study
6 Panic Attacks and the Chiropractic Adjustment: A Case Report
7 Mild Head Injury in Preschool Children: Evidence that it can be Associated with a Persisting Cognitive Defect
8 Course of Attention and Memory after Common Whiplash: A Two-Year Prospective study with Age, Education and Gender Pair-Matched Patients
9 Impaired Arterial Blood Flow to the Brain as a Result of a Cervical Subluxation: A Clinical Report
10 Cerebral Dysfunction: A Theory to Explain some Effects of Chiropractic Manipulation
11 The Chiropractic Management of Anxiety: A Case Report
12 Upper Cervical Adjustments May Improve Mental Function
13 Changes in Brain Stem Evoked Response as a Result of Chiropractic Treatment
14 Case Histories
15 The Impact of Subluxation Correction on Mental Health: Reduction of Anxiety in a Female Patient under Chiropractic Care
16 Monocular Scotoma and Spinal Manipulation: The Step Phenomenon
17 Two Cases of Spinal Manipulation Performed while the Patient Contemplated an Associated Stress Event
18 Automated Static Perimetry in Chiropractic
19 A Pilot Study of Applied Kinesiology in Helping Children with Learning Disabilities
20 Monocular Visual Loss After Closed Head Trauma: Immediate Resolution Associated with Spinal Manipulation
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