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Additional Case Studies

Mechanisms and Chiropractic Management of Bronchial Asthma. Monti R. Digest of Chiropractic Economics Sep-Oct 1991;48-51.

  • Describes the pathophysiology of asthma and the author's chiropractic results.


Chiropractic and visceral disease: a brief survey. Wiles R, Daikow P. J Calif Chiro Assoc, 16(4): 137-143, 1986.

A survey of 17 D.C.s of whom 15 had cared for asthmatics. Areas of the spine adjusted C0- C2 47%, C3-C7 33%, T1-T6 80%, T7-T1240%,Lumbar 7%, Sacro-iliac 13%


The asthmatic patient. Cessna R. American Chiropractor April1989;48-50.

  • Discusses chiropractic success with asthmatics.


Asthma in a chiropractic clinic: a pilot study. Jamison JR, Leskovec K, Lepore S, Hannan P. J Aust Chiropractic Association 1986; 16(4): 137-43.


Chiropractic response in the pediatric patient with asthma: a pilot study. Peet JB, Marko SK, Piekarczyk. Chiropractic Pediatrics 1995; 1(4)9-12.


Chiropractic treatment of asthma - a controlled clinical trial. Bronfort G, Nielsen N, Bendix T, Madsen F, Weeks B. Proceedings of the 1989 International Conference on Spinal Manipulation. Washington, DC. Published by FCER Arlington, VA.


Management of pediatric asthma and enuresis with probable traumatic etiology. Bachman TR, Lantz CA Proceedings of the National Conference on Chiropractic and Pediatrics (ICA), 1991: 14-22.