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Bells' Palsy, A Chiropractic Case Study

A 40-year-old white male with right facial paralysis of 2 days duration. Prior to the paralysis he had been experiencing "tingling" sensations at approx. C7/T1 and had been fighting a sinus infection for two weeks. Patient also had right facial numbness, inability to smile on affected side, inability to eat on the affected side. Under SOT (sacral occipital technique) using pelvic blocks, cranial work and cervical adjustment and by 3 rd visit, 2 days later up to 75% of sensation in the face had returned and by 7 days complete recovery.

Shara K,   Sacrooccipital Resource Society International Vol. 11 NO. 2, May 1999. (originally published in the Kansas Chiropractic Association Journal - no date given).