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Case History of Asthmatic Child

"Since birth she had problems with her respiratory system...clinical diagnosis of asthma. She had shortness of breath, hard and labored breathing, inability to run from shortness of breath...had become reliant on antibiotics for constant respiratory infections...had taken lots of steroidal drugs. This 'conventional' drug therapy had not prevented her from spending every Christmas in the hospital on a breathing machine. "A complete chiropractic examination revealed vertebral subluxation of the atlas right, sixth cervical posterior, and right posterior sacrum. Specific chiropractic adjustment were given...patient responded to the care immediately and was able to suspend using the drugs within two weeks. Within two months, she was able to play with her friends with no symtomatology. Her 5th Christmas was the first at home in her life...I wonder if her asthma should have been diagnosed as SUBLUXATION. What would have happened to her if over the last two years she had been on steroids rather than chiropractic care?"

Matthews, NC. Et al. A four year old female patient reported to the office . International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Newsletter. July 1996.