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Case Study: Infant's Inability to Breast-Feed

The inability to breast-feed due to pain caused by atlas subluxation and TMJ dysfunction. This three-week-old girl had colic, flatulence and outbursts of crying from 9 PM to 1 AM since birth, 19 days prior. Upon examination had inversion and pronation of left foot, left ear was folded, left cervical lateral flexion posture, rooting was poor and facial asymmetry and right lateral mandible. Chiropractic care and CranioSacral therapy was begun. "We suspected that his posture in utero was the primary contributing factor to child's physical asymmetry and subluxation pattern. By forth week of adjustments baby began to breast-feed from both breasts."

Krauss, L.   Chiropractic Pediatrics Vol 1 No. 3 Dec. 1994.