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Chiropractic Care for Infants with Dysfunctional Nursing: A Case Series

Two infants with dysfunctional nursing were able to breastfeed after receiving chiropractic care. In this article, the physiological mechanisms are presented on how chiropractic care may restore normal suckling.

First infant:   8-week-old girl unable to maintain suction while breastfeeding since birth. The mother said the child "broke suction with every suck," regurgitated excessively and exhibited extremely fussy behavior, "especially in the evenings." After two weeks of care the regurgitation and fussiness ceased and child was sleeping better. Follow-up telephone call at 9½ months of age revealed no return of symptoms.

Second infant:   a 4-week-old boy who had been unable to suckle effectively since birth. He was diagnosed with spinal and cranial subluxations. He suckled immediately following his first adjustment (consisting of diversified spinal adjusting and cranioSacral therapy). He received four adjustments in 21 days.

Infants who have trouble suckling may benefit from chiropractic care.

6-month-old boy  had experienced an aversion to suckling for 4.5 months. Physical examination revealed cranial and upper cervical vertebral subluxations. The patients' aversion to suckling immediately resolved after receiving his first chiropractic adjustments (to the occiput and atlas), and did not reappear.

From the Author:   "It is possible that in the infant, a relationship between mechanical abnormalities of the cervicocranial junction and suckling dysfunction exists. Further research in this area could be beneficial." Hewitt, EG,   Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1999.