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Chronic Asthma

The side-effects of the chiropractic adjustment. 

  • Case #1: J.P., 11-year-old male, Medical diagnosis: Chronic asthma . Medication: Theolair, Alupent Chiropractic results: Off asthma medication after first visit. Child is now a multidiscipline athlete with aspirations to become an Olympic athlete. Six years later, the child is still free of asthma and medication. Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Occiput/C1 with an Atlas ASR. Original Adjustments: Structural manual adjustment of Atlas.

  • Case #2: F.H., 9 year old male. Medical diagnosis: Chronic asthma. Medication: Nasalcron Chiropractic result: Off his medication at onset of care. Clear of symptoms since first adjustment eight years prior. Presenting vertebral subluxation: CO/C1 with atlas ASRP. Original Adjustment: Atlas in lateral flexion and rotation supine.
Arno Burnier, D.C. Chiropractic Pediatrics Vol. 1 No. 4 May 1995.