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Hypertension and the Atlas Subluxation Complex

Six of eight patients under chiropractic experienced relief of symptoms and lowered blood pressure after chiropractic care. The blood pressures of two subjects remained unchanged or increased sometime during the test period. "Although individual readings of the six subjects with lowered blood pressure showed some random variation during the two-month period there was a general decrease in blood pres-sure. Systolic pressure was lowered by an average of 27 mm Hg, and the diastolic pressure by an average of 13 mm Hg. In several subjects, other symptoms such as low back pain, thoracic tightness, headaches, and general malaise, diminished following the adjustments. Those subjects who were not on medication showed the greatest change."

Goodman R.   Chiropractic: J of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation. Vol 8 No. 2, July 1992.