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Improvement in Visual Acuity and Strabismus Following Pediatric Chiropractic Care: A Case Report


Background: Alva Gregory, a student and contemporary of DD Palmer, instructed on the benefits of the chiropractic adjustment in several eye conditions. According to Gregory, specific adjustments to the 4th cervical vertebrae would relieve the nervous derangements resulting in “dimness, weakness, depression or abnormal function of the eyesight…” Although a number of authors have since presented studies on improvement in eye function with chiropractic care, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first reporting of its kind on the care of a pediatric patient with improvement in visual acuity and strabismus.

Case Presentation: An 8-year old male patient presented to one of us (DS) for chiropractic evaluation and possible care from a variety of childhood complaints.  Prior to chiropractic care, the patient was diagnosed by his optometrist with farsigntedness and strabismus. Following 5 ½ months of chiropractic care consisting of 23 patient visits, the patient was re-examined by his optometrist. According to the optometric report, the patient had a 75% decrease in farsightedness correction with complete alignment of the eyes (i.e., esophoria improved). According to the optometrist, this improvements was not attributable solely to the use of corrective lenses. In addition, there was improvement in the patient that may be described as general health and wellbeing.

Conclusion: This case report provides corroborating evidence to the possibility that visual function may improve with chiropractic care that may be characterized as high velocity amplitude thrusts to sites of cervical subluxations. Higher level designed studies should be implemented to further investigate this phenomenon.

Joel Alcantara, DC 1 and David Spear, PhD, DC 2

  1. Research Director, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Media, PA and Private Practice of Chiropractic, San Jose, CA.
  2. Private Practice of Chiropractic, Eugene, OR.

Presented at Pediatric Integrative Medicine Conference 2006 (Pangea 2006). Chicago, IL, October 26-28, 2006.