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Inability to Conceive. Two Case Histories from the Files of Larry L. Webster,D.C.

Female - Age 32 - Prior Care - Medical -fertility pills, shots - negative results. No menses for 12 years. After two months of chiropractic care, menses resumed. Patient complained of abdominal discomfort during cycle. It was my feeling that this would be natural occurrence following an absence of menses for 12 years. Her menses occurred on a regular cycle for four months when she conceived. She was referred back to her medical doctor for confirmation of pregnancy. Her doctor informed her it was impossible for her to be pregnant - after all, he had done everything medically possible "and besides, there were no nerves emitting from the spine to the reproductive organs." A few months later she delivered a healthy seven 1/2-lb. son. The major area of the spine adjusted in this case was the lumbar region.

Female - Age 26 - Had been trying to get pregnant for past few years wit negative results. She had taken the medical route with fertility pills, shots, etc. Had a severe scoliosis (Cobb's angle of 58°) and upon examination, I informed her that I felt we could not affect the Cobb's angle and that possibly the severity of the curve with the subluxations present could be the reason for the lack of her body's ability to conceive. At the end of six months, X-Rays revealed the Cobb's angle was reduced to 47°. Approximately one month later, she became pregnant and remained under care throughout the pregnancy and delivered a fine baby with no complications. The areas adjusted were sacrum, lumbar and cervical spine. No side posture moves were utilized in this case.

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