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Monocular Scotoma and Spinal Manipulation: The Step Phenomenon

Dr. Gorman discusses the brain blood flow/spinal column relationship.

From the abstract: Objective:   To discuss a case history wherein microvascular spasm of the optic nerve was treated by spinal manipulation.

Clinical Features:   A 62 year old man who developed a scotoma in the vision of the right eye during chiropractic treatment.

Intervention and Outcome:   Spinal manipulation treatment was continued with total resolution of the scotoma. The rate of recovery of the scotoma was mapped using computerized static perimetry. These measurements showed that significant recovery occurred at each spinal manipulation treatment, producing a stepped graph.

From the Conclusion:   This case history suggests that spinal manipulation can affect the blood supply of localized areas of brain tissue. More important is the converse implication, that microvascular abnormality of the brain is caused by spinal derangement. Dr. Gorman noted that each spinal manipulation resulted in a 'stepped graph.' (hence the title).

R. Frank Gorman,   J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1996 (Jun);19 (5): 344-349