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Patient Preference for Wellness Care: Is it on the Menu?

Introduction: Wellness care is a relatively popular topic in the emerging health care arena. Consumers are seeking better ways to prevent the onset of chronic diseases and even the common affects of aging by increasing their use of alternative approaches to getting and staying well including preventing illness. Currently, patient preferences for wellness care are relatively low within the profession, ranging near the 10% level depending on the study. The World Federation of Chiropractic’s “Consultation on Identity” found that only 6% of patients seek wellness care.

One question posed is, will patients seek out chiropractors more if they increase their level of orthodox preventive health screenings and recommendations? Will a patient seek out a chiropractor for wellness any more than they would an allopathic health care provider? Clearly, in light of the inconclusive research evidence base on chiropractic alternative techniques, a balanced approach to wellness, inclusive of both normative public health promotion objectives as well as a reasonable approach to offering chiropractic alternative methods, should remain within the realm of discussion.

Results: The most interesting finding is the variable of Health Behavior where 42.1% percent of patients presented to these chiropractor’s offices without a specific focused complaint. These patients either presented for wellness, prevention of illness or perceived they were at risk for injury.

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