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Chiropractic Care Conquers Colic

An inconsolable newborn finds comfort after six sessions with a chiropractor; Nicholas Roe tells the family story. When I Telephoned my doctor to ask if he thought it was safe (to see a chiropractor), he was ambivalent: Chiropractic would neither harm nor help. He told me that if it was colic, it would run its course in three months." To summarize the article: Following the first adjustment, the child was more reactive and colicky, but mom followed the instructions given her by the DC and the baby calmed right down. "We had five more sessions with Stephen. Each lasted 20 minutes and Lucy (the infant!) really seemed to enjoy them. It completely changed what was fast becoming a nightmare. I would like to recommend to everyone with a colicky infant see a chiropractor. It certainly worked for us.

December 1998 issue of Country Living's Healthy Living, Page 53.