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Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care and Lung Function

From the abstract:   This was a study of 58 patients to determine whether the upper cervical knee chest adjustment as developed by Dr. B.J. Palmer, influenced pulmonary function. FEV-1 and FVC were measured before care and two weeks after care on a computerized auto spiro spirometer. Of the 58 patients, 33 (57%) were considered to have "abnormal" lung function before care. The rest were within normal range. The abnormal group showed the greatest increases in FEV and FVC over the two-week study. Forty-two percent of the abnormal patient population actually tested within normal limits after the two-week study. The "normal" subject population also showed predictable increases in lung function, but not as dramatic as the abnormal group.

Kessinger, R   Abstracts from the 13th annual upper cervical spine conference, Nov 16-17, 1996 Life College, Marietta, Georgia. Published in Chiropractic Research Journal, Vol. 1V, No.1, Spring 1997 p.27