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Spinal Subluxation and Tonsillitis

Brandy was eight-years-old when she presented with chronic tonsillitis. Her history was one of recurrent sore throats which would last for a week or more each time. The problem was recurring, almost every month. By history, Brandy's treatment had included various antibiotic medications and salt gargles, but nothing seemed to be helping to rid her of the problem. Removal of the tonsils appeared to be the only remaining option.

After completing Brandy's history and establishing the other forms of treatment had been tried and found to be ineffective, the chiropractor sat Brandy's parents down and explained another possible reason why her problem was unresolved. Subluxations in Brandy's spine may be the cause. Spinal problems may be the reason why her body was not able to mobilize all its defenses through the immune system. To clear the problem naturally, the way her body was intended to, would require that her immune system be functioning at optimal efficiency. The chiropractor explained to Brandy's parents that the tonsils were an important part of the body's immune system, one of the first line defenses against respiratory pathogens, bacteria and viruses, which invaded constantly through the oral and nasal passages. To remove the tonsils would be to remove an important part of this young girl's ability to fight respiratory infections.

In Brandy's case, her tonsils were swollen on both sides indicating a possible significant restriction of the lymphatic defensive process and inadequate drainage through the lymph system. Evaluation of her cervical spine indicated several areas of fixation and relative immobility in the upper three vertebrae of her neck, and as expected, associated tight muscles and palpably swollen lymph nodes in her neck. Correction of Brandy's neck problem took just two light adjustments and a couple of follow-up visits to ensure that normal function had been restored. The swollen tonsils responded remarkably to the treatment and within a week had returned to normal size. No surgery necessary.

Brandy's parents wondered how her spinal subluxations had occurred in the absence of a major neck injury. The chiropractor assured them that most children developed spinal subluxations simply from the task of being a child, with all the associated minor accidents and falls which children frequently suffer, but which are usually just treated by wiping their tears and encouraging that they will be OK.

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