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Stuttering, Hyperactivity, Slow Learner, Retarted Growth. Case Study

This 7 year old male child was placed under care on February 14, 1994 with the following clinical picture: Hyperactivity, stuttering, slow learner, retarded growth, left leg approximately 1" shorter than right with a limp while walking. Medical plans were to break the left leg, insert metal rods in an attempt to stimulate growth and equalize leg lengths. Our examination consisted of Metrecom evaluation, full spine X-rays, and chiropractic examination of the spine. Areas of subluxation were as follows: Sacrum anterior, inferior on left, 5th lumbar body left, atlas, anterior superior left. Patient was placed on an intensive correction program of 3 times weekly for a period of two months. During the first seven visits the legs were never balanced, however, each time a reduction of the short leg occurred. On the 8th visit the legs balanced for the first time. Also noticed by 8th visit:

  1. The stuttering had stopped.
  2. The grades in school had risen from non-satisfactory to satisfactory.
  3. The hyperactivity had abated.
  4. The limp was no longer constant.
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