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Tourette Syndrome: A Case Study

"A 6-year-old boy diagnosed with Tourette syndrome whose presentation included eye-blinking, head shaking, mouth stretching, lateral eye movements and some vocalizations occurring at a frequency of several times per minute. History revealed a head injury one month before he was diagnosed. "Chiropractic evaluation including x-rays and heat pattern analysis revealed subluxation of occiput (AS), atlas (AS++LA) and Axis (PLI). There was an extremely high atlas angle of +20 degrees. Chiropractic care included upper cervical adjustments of C1 and C2. The boy was adjusted on a knee-chest table. He was adjusted 2 times per week for 9 weeks and then 1 time per week. "There was a noticeable change within 3 weeks of care. Symptoms continued to steadily improve. Within 4 months the patient was asymptomatic a majority of the time."

LaBarbera, JA, Utica, NY.  International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Newsletter March/April 1998.