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Upper Cervical Adjustments May Improve Mental Function

From the abstract:   This report describes abrupt improvement in mental and motor deficits in a 14-year-old girl after the initiation of specific upper cervical chiropractic care. Cessation of this care for several months was associated with a return to the patient's previous condition. Repeat manipulation was followed by recovery of the patient to the level of her previous improvement. The child exhibited staring spells, never made eye contact, left arm and hand was used and remained flaccid as she walked. She had the verbal ability of a 3-year-old, spoke rarely, using single words. She was medically diagnosed with psychomotor seizures and a degenerative neurological disorder. After chiropractic adjustments began, she began to make eye contact. Within two weeks she was forming sentences, standing straighter, using her left arm and hand normally and began to engage in family conversation and activities.

Thomas MD, Wood J.   Journal of Manual Medicine, 1992, 6:215-216.