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Webster Technique and Transverse Breech Baby

Research has shown that the number of C-Sections is on the rise, accounting for 31.6% of births in 2010.  Chiropractic care may assist with a labor free of complications through addressing neuro-musculoskeletal issues associated with pregnant patients.  Fetal malpositions may be caused by uterine abnormalities, placenta previa, prematurity, multiple gestation and pelvic misalignment.

The current study involved a 31-year-old pregnant patient with transverse (sideways) breech malpositioned baby as diagnosed by her obstetrician through ultrasound at 30-weeks gestation.

Upon examination, the doctor of chiropractic found that the mother had a right head tilt and high left shoulder.  Assessment by palpation determined that she had tight muscles in her lower back, as well as a decrease in motion at her neck and right sacrum.

Further chiropractic exams revealed misalignments in her left neck and right sacrum.  She began chiropractic care at a frequency of twice a week which she continued throughout the pregnancy.

The doctor of chiropractic assessed the patient’s sacrum using the Webster Technique and adjusted accordingly.  The Webster Technique assists in reducing the effects of sacral misalignments, in turn, improving the neuro-biomechanical function of the pelvis. This may facilitate optimal fetal positioning.

Her neck was also found to be misaligned at each visit and adjusted accordingly. The patient had a total of 24 visits over about 11 weeks.  At her 8th visit, she reported that the baby was no longer in the transverse breech position and had turned vertex.  This was confirmed by her midwife through fetal position assessment.

The patient continued with chiropractic care and had a natural, assisted homebirth and healthy vaginal delivery of a baby boy.

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