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1 Kaleidoscope Eyes: Discovering the New Medicine Neal Robert Smookler, D.C.
2 Scientism: The Impact of Neglecting Medical Philosophy Larry Malerba, D.O.
3 Holistic Medicine: Do You Believe? Kelly Brogan, M.D., ABIHM
4 Safety First: Uniting Our Passion in the Vaccine Divide Janaiah von Hassel
5 Don't Stand Me Up Janet Lansbury
6 Messing with Mother Nature Michael Lansbury
7 Antibiotics Given to Laboring Mothers Linda Folden Palmer, D.C.
8 3 Ways to Activate Your Inner Healing Potential Michelle K. Nielsen, D.C.
9 There is a Choice: A Parent’s Greatest Fear Transforms into Her Most Empowered Decision Cilla Whatcott, H.D., R.Hom., C.C.H.
10 Ear Infections in Kids: Natural Remedies to Ease Ear Pain and Enhance Function Jim Bob Haggerton, D.C.
11 The Controversy Reignites Joseph Mercola, D.O.
12 ADHD: Time for a New Perspective Kelly Brogan, M.D.
13 Conventional Allopathic vs. "Alternative" Holistic Healthcare Alison Hazelbaker, Ph.D., IBCLC, FILCA, C.S.T., RCST
14 A New Leaf: 8 Conscious Choices for a Healthier Pregnancy Kelly Brogan, M.D., ABIHM
15 The Myth of the Magic Bullet: Understanding the Allopathic Paradigm of Medicine Barry Taylor, N.D.
16 Prenatal Yoga and Childbirth Education: Preparing Your Body and Mind Sarah Kamrath
17 Know Your Practitioner: The Three Models of Birth and Health Care Robbie Davis-Floyd, Ph.D.
18 Chiropractic Philosophy and the New Science: An Emerging Unity Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
19 Quantum Leaps in Comprehension: Supporting the Body’s Innate Wisdom Kelly Brogan, M.D., ABIHM
20 Shapeshifting: The Evolution of a Post-Modern Integral Medicine Elliott S. Dacher, M.D.
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