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Informed Choice

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1 Being Admitted to the Hospital is Not Implied Consent Cristen Pascucci
2 Conscious Decisions Madisyn Taylor
3 Logic Jon Rappoport
4 The Vaccine Revolution for Truth Barbara Loe Fisher
5 Eyes Wide Open: How to Tell if Your Care Provider Truly Supports Your Plan Jessica Austin
6 My Journey to a Homebirth Kathy Knight, D.C.
7 Immunity Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
8 Natural Immunity Philip F. Incao, M.D.
9 School's Out... Forever! How Government Education Cripples Our Kids, and Why John Taylor Gatto
10 Modern Myths about Tongue-tie Alison Hazelbaker, Ph.D.
11 Tongue-tie: A Holistic Approach for Breastfeeding Infants Andrea Auerbach, D.C.
12 Unchecked Power Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
13 Vaccines and Tuskegee Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
14 Astroturf Sharyl Attkisson
15 Anti-Science? Zoey O’Toole
16 What the News Isn't Saying about Vaccine-Autism Studies Sharyl Attkisson
17 Half Empty Arjun Walia
18 Blackmail and the Medical Vaccine Exemption Barbara Loe Fisher
19 Urgent Call to Action: Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice! Andrea Marconi, D.C., CACCP
20 Struggling with Help that Harms: Working with Young People on Psychiatric Drugs John Breeding, Ph.D.
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