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The Outer Womb

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1 Co-Sleeping Contributes to Optimal Brain Development Sara Burrows
2 Co-Sleeping Kathleen M. Waddington
3 Dads and Birth Trauma Maureen Campion, M.S., L.P.
4 Beyond Babywearing Anne Christina Michelsen
5 Grounding for Babies Amy Phoenix
6 Finding Our Feet Ellynne Skove, M.A., LCAT, BC-DMT
7 There is a Bed, a Family Bed, Where Everyone is Sleeping Jeff Sabo
8 Safe Co-Sleeping with Infants James McKenna, Ph.D.
9 Screaming to Sleep: The Moral Imperative to End ‘Cry it Out’ Amy Wright Glenn
10 The Fourth Trimester: A Guide to Healthy Postpartum Recovery Courtney Meltvedt, D.C.
11 "Be Still, Mumma": Slowly Embracing the Stillness of Motherhood Carla Wood, D.C.
12 New Blood Robin Lim, C.P.M.
13 The Myth of Self-Settling Sarah Ockwell-Smith
14 The Wearable Baby Andrew Dodge, D.C.
15 Seven Reasons to Not Carry Baby Facing Out Jeanne Ohm, D.C.
16 Mother and Child are Linked at the Cellular Level Laura Grace Weldon
17 Barefootin' Kacie Flegal, D.C.
18 Breastfeeding As an Ecofeminist Issue Molly Remer, M.S.W., ICCE, CCCE
19 The Gut Microbes and Poop Jennifer Tow, IBCLC
20 A Natural Age of Weaning Katherine Dettwyler, Ph.D.
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