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A Letter from a Chiropractic Advocate

Written by Phyllis Libby, D.C.   
Monday, 06 October 2008 16:54
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A Letter from a Chiropractic Advocate
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I want to share with you my efforts to introduce chiropractic to families with neurologically disabled children on intensive home treatment programs in Guatemala and Poland. In these two countries, nonprofit associations devoted to brain-injured children pay my expenses for a labor of love, to strengthen their treatment programs and awareness of the latest therapies. It's a risk telling people about chiropractic in places where it is rare and the chance of it becoming a reality is so remote. However, stimulating for neurological growth every day will not produce permanent results without chiropractic. So I gave the message hoping that the miracle would materialize.

Here's what has happened. Guatemala:I have been an associate director for a small non-profit school for brain-injured children in Guatemala for the last 4 years. The school is call "Censi" or El Centro de Superacion Integral. The founder and director, Prof. Marlene Marckwordt de Penados, is a dear friend and colleague. Our association in neuro reeducation goes back fourteen years from our work in Philadelphia at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. I took Dr. Bobby Doscher of Oklahaven to Guatemala in 1996 and 1997 to adjust a few children in the school. These students made faster and more substantive progress following adjustments. Prof. de Penados was deeply impressed with the logic and application of chiropractic.

At the time, I did not think it would be possible to provide chiropractic to the school on a regular basis; my only goal was to enlighten my colleague. During my recent visit to the school in January and February of this year, I decided to teach the Guatemalan and Honduran parents and school staff about chiropractic. I presented the school with an upper cervical table donated by a chiropractor from the USA, Dr. Wayne Clark of Oklahoma City. A second standard portable table was donated by one of my clients, a Mexican family with a learning disabled son. These two tables were part of our goal to establish chiropractic in "Censi's" neurological rehabilitation curriculum. I also took Jennifer Sheppard, D.C. of Oklahoma City to "Censi". She adjusted 75 students, many several times over a brief but intense 5-day period.

Again the results were amazing. Within minutes and hours neurological progress was visibly accelerated in many children.

  • A stutterer stopped stuttering, his migraines ceased and a month later he is still free of them. A few of the most hyperactive children slept in the middle of the day for hours; their entire demeanor calmed and visual convergence improved. Two creeping children are now very close to walking independently.

  • A comatose child became conscious.

  • Nonverbal children began to make meaningful sounds and talkers became clearer and their language more organized.

  • The older children showed more self-confidence and improved problem solving ability. We are recording our results for future tracking and publication.