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Are You An Elephant On A String?

Written by Kevin Donka, D.C.   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 09:45
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Are You An Elephant On A String?
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Have you ever been to a circus and wondered why such a big animal doesn't just break that tiny little chain around its ankle? The answer is that the elephant is living in a state of what is called "Learned helplessness."

The way to train an elephant is to begin by attaching a very big, very strong chain to its leg and then forcing it to go to the limits of the chain over and over again. Since this is such a strong chain, the elephant can't break it and it quickly learns not to try anymore. It learns to be helpless.

After awhile, the trainer uses a slightly smaller chain, one that is not quite as strong. He/she then progressively moves to smaller and smaller chains over time until one is reached that is the size you see in the circus. The elephant may have the power to knock down a house but because it believes it cannot break the chain, it doesn't even try. In fact, this is so effective that the best-trained elephants only need a thin piece of string to keep them in line.

"Fascinating," you're probably thinking, "But what in the world does that have to do with me?" Well, you see, most people were brought up in the medical/ pharmaceutical mindset. That is, they were taught from a very early age that their bodies are defective or weak and need lots of help from the outside in order to function well. In fact, the main goal of most people raised in this mode of thinking is not even optimal function; it is simply to not have symptoms!

from one generation to the next almost at birth with the use of vitamin K shots, antibiotics in the eyes, vaccines, formula instead of breastfeeding, Tylenol for the fevers associated with the normal development of teeth, fluoride treatments in our water and toothpaste, etc. Most children in our society grow up constantly being told that they need to rely on something from outside themselves in order to function well and it is reinforced year after year after year. This is not dissimilar to the method used by our elephant trainers.

The chiropractic lifestyle offers children a completely different perspective. The basic principles of chiropractic teach us that we are all individuations of the one, perfect, Universal Intelligence that pervades all matter. These principles state that the expression of this intelligence through us is the chiropractic meaning of life! They encourage our trust in the body's ability to heal, repair, regenerate and express wholeness.

Chiropractic recognizes that we have within us an "Innate Intelligence" that runs, regulates, heals and grows us from embryos to the full expression of what God intended us to be. It also recognizes that as long as there is full communication between your brain and your body, this Intelligence will help you better adapt to the physical, chemical and mental stresses you face each day, heal from any damage done by stress beyond your ability to adapt, and continue to grow toward the full expression of your purpose and potential in life.