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Asthma and Ear Infections

Written by Pathways Magazine   
Thursday, 07 January 2010 13:22

My name is Erin , before coming to a Chiropractor, my son Shayne, was 6 months old and had chronic asthma. He was seeing a specialist and was given breathing treatments lasting 25 minutes every four hours, liquid steroids and was on antibiotics for chronic ear infections. The antibiotics caused serious diaper rash, which required additional medication, again. The steroids made him very hyper, he had a loss of appetite and had restless sleep. I also learned, after the medication was administered, that it would take several years for the steroids to leave his system. All of these treatments had very real side affects on my very young child and still didn't correct the problem.

From our first visit with Dr. Kevin, I noticed a positive change in Shayne's breathing. He is now 22 months old and is off all medication and has not had one breathing treatment since that first visit. And even better than that, he has not had one ear infection since that first visit, and he wasn't taking the antibiotics. When he does get congested, I just bring him in to be adjusted and he's all better. I cannot say enough about Chiropractic treatment; I really think it has saved my son's life. I'll take a holistic treatment of care before drugs any day and everyday!!! I don't believe that the motto "Say no to drugs" should only apply to street drugs, I think it should be all drugs!! Not only have Dr. Kevin and Chiropractic made a tremendous difference in Shayne's life, but in my own life also. I feel one hundred percent better.

Erin and Shayne