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Breastfeeding in Public is an Issue That Many Mothers Struggle With

Written by Pathways Magazine   
Thursday, 01 June 2006 00:00
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Breastfeeding in Public is an Issue That Many Mothers Struggle With
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Breastfeeding in public is an issue that many mothers struggle with. It’s common to be nervous about nursing in the presence of others in the early days, only to lose those inhibitions with time and practice. Here’s what mothers have shared in past issues of new beginnings.

It’s tricky balancing discretion and the needs of children, and somewhere in there I take into account my own comfort and the needs of the moment. It’s fun reflecting on the places I’ve nursed, and it lets me realize how far I’ve come in this area of my parenting. It helps me strengthen my resolve.

Lora Reynolds, Trafford PA USA

Breastfeeding and the LawI was still rather conservative [about nursing in public] but much braver and open about my inhibitions than I thought I could be. Having a child changed the way I thought about my breasts…Maybe it was the realization that my breasts were not sex objects but rather a source of food and comfort for my baby. And certainly, it was becoming a mother and doing what I felt was best for my baby. I let go and let love happen and everything else fell into place.

Shari Ann Wenzel, Hometown IL USA

My first foray into the world of breastfeeding in public in Jordan was not exactly “public”…I wasn’t up to pushing the cultural envelope at a quaint little village restaurant, so I retreated to the toilet facility. I was amazed at the reception Nolan and I received. The universality of a breastfeeding mother far outweighed the difference in nationalities, and women came over to watch, converse, and tickle the baby. Emboldened, I began to nurse in more public places…I turned my back when possible and I always wore suitable clothing. I was never made to feel out of place. I was always treated with respect and given privacy.

Joan Carlton Griswold, Bellevue WA USA