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Does 106.3 FM Support Breastfeeding Mothers?

Written by Pathways Magazine   
Sunday, 22 August 2010 11:24

A recent diatribe of 106.3 FM host Lisa Rollins has some comments that may really rile up breast feeding mothers. She says “… I think there should be indecency laws about that [breast feeding], because I don’t want to see it in a public place.”

Read an article and transcript of the first 10 minutes of her broadcast here: http://codenamemama.com/2010/07/08/1063-breastfeeding/

Or, read a letter sent to the programming director of 106.3 FM in response to remarks here: http://www.nursingfreedom.org/2010/07/call-to-action-email-newsradio-1063-fm.html