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Eric’s Story

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Tuesday, 01 March 2005 00:00
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Eric’s Story
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Eric Zack, my 8-year-old son, began seeing Dr. David Spears at Body of Light Family Chiropractic on September 8th of 2004. We met Dr. David at the Lane County Fair at his demonstration booth offering free chiropractic evaluations. Dr. David looked at my other child and found nothing to speak of. He looked at Eric’s posture, neck, back etc., and began to ask me questions…

I had never considered that something that happened at birth would affect my 8-year-old child but it had. I scheduled a follow-up evaluation in the office and filled out the questionnaire on his health that was mailed to me. It read like Eric’s medical record checklist: Assisted birth–YES; chronic ear infections–YES; asthma–YES; allergies–YES; cavities–YES; glasses–YES; trouble sleeping–YES; trouble reading–YES.

The list of my son’s illnesses goes on and on including 6 trips to the emergency room, two hospitalizations, a breathing machine at home, tutoring, glasses, and structured diet. I have heard other parents refer to my son as “delicate” or “sensitive.” We have moved, bought goats, changed our diet and spent many a night with a sick child. I cannot convey to you how many bizarre illnesses he has had: blood born bacterial infection, teenage case of mononucleosis at 4-years-old, fevers that caused hallucinations, tubes in his ears, rotten teeth due to the large amount of antibiotics he took. At 7 he was tested for rheumatoid arthritis due to his medical history and bone spurs which appeared on his heels. All the while, my husband and I wondered, what else can we do to help him?

We had sort of resigned ourselves that Eric was “delicate” and “sensitive.” As he got older and began school, the disappointment for us as parents continued. No matter that we volunteered in the classroom, read to him daily, did everything they say to “give your child a head start in school” we were disappointed. I was told he needed tutoring. He was at “high risk” but fell through the cracks to get help at school. He missed tons of days of school, could not complete assignments on time, and got frustrated to the point of hating himself. It was awful. So $30 per hour tutoring we did. That was not enough.

We took him to the optometrist hoping for someone to explain why life was so hard for Eric. We got an answer, he needed glasses! He had some sort of visual tracking issue that made it difficult for him to focus on anything, especially close up. Being the optimistic parents we were, we were thrilled! But it didn’t help as much as we had hoped. He felt awkward with the glasses on and would forget them; he would just get more irritated and frustrated. I took the summer off. I did not make Eric pick up a book on his own and he was happy.

So about August, I decided that if he could get through school, he had enough great things about him that maybe he would be okay just being a marginal student. Although disappointed, I had resigned myself to that. Then came the Lane County Fair and Dr. David. That was only 2 short months ago. Dr. David met with our whole family and took a complete history of Eric. We saw him 3 times per week for adjustments and have gradually decreased our visits due to Eric’s improvement. Oh yeah, the good part!