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Flu Fears and Fantasies

Written by Stephen Marini, PhD, DC   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 13:11
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Flu Fears and Fantasies
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The grand fantasy for MedImmune was the billion dollar blockbuster vaccine, FluMist. $25 million marketing dollars attempted to create national demand for this miraculous new vaccine. The financial reality struck when $60 million less than anticipated revenues from this vaccine was realized. Perhaps people were a bit fearful of the listed adverse effects such as the spreading of live virus for 21 days after receiving the "mist", getting the flu from the vaccine, Guillain Barre syndrome, and the warning to individuals with health issues, especially anyone on immunosuppressives like steroids, to avoid anyone so vaccinated for 3 weeks.

Isn't it a coincidence that the media hypes up this tremendous flu epidemic in the beginning of flu season just when the drug companies dream of a mass demand for flu vaccine. Goes to show that epidemics can be created on demand without the epidemiologic support. What a great idea to shop at Walmart and get your Flumist. Even folks not intending to pay the $60 to $70 for the vaccine could just breathe in the cloud of live viruses unleashed in the store. It won't take long for that horror fantasy to be listed as a dangerous biohazard. But neither the cheaper flu shot or the FluMist contain the Fujian strain of flu virus that will cause influenza this year, a fact the advertisers and the media have not mentioned to the consumers.

We have learned that cell mediated immunity rather than humoral immunity, the form induced by the vaccines, is necessary to become immune to the flu virus. Humoral immunity induced by the vaccines is conducive to a chronic ongoing infection rather than immunity. Permanent immunity to a specific viral strain and better versatility to respond to future variant strains of flu result from acquiring the natural infection. Nature intends for us to generate a predominantly cell mediated response to externalize this viral infection and become immune. The drug companies intend to generate a predominantly humoral response that may reduce the severity of the infection, providing the vaccine and the bug going around are pretty identical, but at the price of internalizing the infection to a chronic state. Of course the lack of response versatility generated by the vaccines necessitates getting the vaccine every year for protection. The main prevention against the flu virus as well as the plethora of other flu-like viruses is good hygiene. Hand washing with hot soap and water is a must, especially in public places. Alcohol prep pads and the waterless hand disinfectants which contain alcohol also work well. Parents and teachers need to instruct children in hand washing and not sharing food, drink and utensils.

If you or the children get the flu or any other cold virus, cellular immunity needs to be up to the task. We have also learned from psychoneuroimmunology that imbalances in an individual's spirituality, emotions from stresses etc. as well as interference within the nervous system from subluxations, somatic and visceral dysfunctions etc. can have a drastic effect on the T cell conductor of the cellular response leaving us vulnerable to viral infection. Avoid the "too much stress, and too little rest" scenario. Kids need less time in front of the game boy, computer, television and more time exercising to remain healthy. Quiet times for reading, meditation go long way to restore balance to many body systems, especially the immune system.