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From Learning Disabilities to Full Expression: Vinny's Story

Written by Pathways Magazine   
Thursday, 07 January 2010 14:05

Vinny was an 11-year-old patient of mine. He came to me as a result of his mother being a patient and bringing him in after being told about the far-reaching effects of chiropractic. His mother related the following unexpected (by her) result of his regular adjustments. Vinny was in a resource center in his school due to some hearing problems which made it difficult for him to keep up. This year she was called to school for a discussion with his teacher in late September. It seems that Vinny was having what she called "trouble concentrating". Fortunately his mother refused to allow them to pressure her into medicating him. They agreed to give him some time. Within the next two weeks Vinny was brought in by his mother because she had recently started getting adjusted. After four weeks of regular adjustments she received a call from his teacher. Expecting the worst she asked "What did he do now?" She was assured by the teacher that they call parents for good reasons as well as bad. She said that Vinny was improving and she wanted to know what his mom was doing differently. She told the teacher that the only thing different was she had brought him to a Chiropractor.

Did I adjust Vinny's difficulties away? No. Vinny was allowed to fully express the person he should be. The bigger question is; Why don't teachers send every child with a learning disability, problem or "deficit" to a chiropractor? We frequently say that it is because we haven't properly educated them. I don't believe that. What I do know to be true is you can only fill an empty vessel. Unfortunately, the world is generally educated in an outside in, put the car on the lift and fix the problem, mentality. Hopefully, future generations of Vinny's family will be changed forever because of the adjustments he is receiving now. Maybe those adjustments aren't putting as much good stuff in as they are allowing bad stuff to empty out.

Rich Curcio, Chiropractor