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Letters From Our Readers

Written by Pathways Magazine   
Thursday, 01 September 2005 00:00
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Patient Subscription Service

I received the Pathways magazine along with some other information recently from you. I found Pathways very interesting and informative and most of all POSITIVE on raising kids healthy and naturally and it did not “cut” down the medical profession. I find this good because I believe in accentuating the positive and the negative will go away or be over-ridden. Excellent job!

I was wondering if you all did a subscription service to patients. Instead of buying them in bundles we, chiropractors, could buy a subscription for our patients and they would receive one each quarter. As you know not all patients keep coming back but if they received this magazine quarterly it would keep them informed and I believe they would read it. We could even send it to OB/GYN offices and Pediatrics offices and they may put it in their reception rooms. ICPA does a GREAT job and I look forward to the e-mails and materials I receive.

Thank you for promoting chiropractic! J.M., D.C.

We have just started a subscription service and there are special tear outs in this issue so you can subscribe others to our magazine. You can always call in subscription orders at 1-800-670-5437 or sign up on line at www.icpa4kids.org Thanks for your enthusiasm and support! – JO


I am really enjoying Pathways. At first I was reading them at my chiropractor’s office and then I decided to subscribe directly. I have a request and hope you consider it. As a parent, I would appreciate a section in Pathways to ask family health questions. Is that possible?

M.P., Parent

We have gotten several requests and even health questions that have come in. This issue begins our new section: Questions and Answers: Family Wellness Forum. Enjoy! – JO

Mercury Rising: Warnings in Pregnancy and Infancy (Issue # 5: Winter)

To the author, You are an idiot. I read your misinformation about Rhogam. How dare you? As a chiropractor, you have no real medical training or knowledge. Rhogam has saved thousands of babies. Thimerosol has not been shown in any scientific study to cause autism.