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Natural Remedies For a Summertime First-Aid Kit

Written by Joanne Crane   
Thursday, 01 June 2006 00:00
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Natural Remedies For a Summertime First-Aid Kit
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To begin making your own summertime remedies use a glass or plastic container, not metal. I use small, travel-size hairspray bottles that have been washed and dried. Be aware, the essential oils (use only those from a health food supplier) will eventually break down plastic, but that would take a year or more. When using more than one essential oil, blend them together in proper proportions in a glass container. Add the following ingredients, in order, to the spray bottle:

  • One tablespoon vodka
  • 10 or more drops of your custom oil recipe per ounce (e.g., if using a 2- ounce spray bottle, add 20 drops of the essential oil(s).)
  • Distilled or reverse-osmosis water to fill the container.
  • Shake before using. The mixture may be used in the air or sprayed directly on skin; avoid eyes and nose.

Here is a recipe from a friend/apprentice of mine, Kathy Monaghan. This is a Spray & Wipe Recipe with anti-viral properties. Mix the following in a clean, amber-colored glass bottle:

  • Cinnamon 2 drops
  • Lemon 20 drops
  • Lavender 20 drops
  • Pine 20 drops
  • Thyme 20 drops
  • Ravensara 20 drops

Use this blend in your diffuser. Or, put this blend of essential oils in the spray bottle recipe (above) and use in hotel rooms, on airplanes, in the bathroom, on doorknobs, and in the air.