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The 5-Minute Solution

Written by Scott Noelle   
Thursday, 01 June 2006 00:00
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The 5-Minute Solution
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The scene: I was working diligently at the computer in my home office when my 2.5-year-old daughter, Willow, approached my desk and grabbed a pile of 4x6-inch photos that I had carelessly left within her reach. These pictures of our older daughter and a friend had been sent to us by the friend’s mother, and replacing the pictures would have been inconvenient if not impossible.

Given Willow’s developmental stage—where “looking” at the pictures might include folding, ripping, and coloring them—I reacted from fear and stood up from my desk to rescue the photos from the wild-child!

Sensing that I was about to thwart her will, she quickly toddled to the other side of the house. When I caught up to her, she realized she was cornered, and she half-cowered against the wall. She looked as if she half-believed that her will alone would stop me from using my superior size and strength to remove the photos from her possession.

And maybe it did.