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The Truth About Chiropractic: A Closer Look at a Misunderstood Philosophy

Written by Lloyd Fielder, D.C.   
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 00:00
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The Truth About Chiropractic: A Closer Look at a Misunderstood Philosophy
The Subluxation Process
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I am a chiropractor. When I tell people what I do for a living, the most frequent response is that the person I’m speaking to grabs his back and says, “Oh, Doc, I need ya!” As a society, we misunderstand chiropractic. But with your permission, I would like to tell you the truth about it, and what a true gift it is.

A great philosopher named Hippocrates once stated, “We are either growing or dying.” Not to be outdone, Confucius stated, “Our lives are like that of an egg, we are either growing or decaying.” Every day, our environment bombards us with chemical, physical and mental stressors. It is the job of our nerve system to detect these stressors, interpret them, and either adapt to them and continue our growth, or shrink from them and stop growing while in a survival or protective mode.

As the philosophers said, we are both growing and dying each day—but one process will predominate over the other. One is an upward spiral of growth, leading to fulfillment and ease; the other is a downward spiral of decay, leading to death.

Our Bodies’ Innate Intelligence

Our bodies have an inborn intelligence, often called innate intelligence. This intelligence runs, regulates, heals and grows the body to its fullest potential, allowing us to reach our God-given purpose in life. There are many things you have to accept in order to understand the full breadth of chiropractic: Either we are on this earth due to the grace of a higher consciousness, or we are simply a random assimilation of organic substance that has evolved over many years, making us nothing more than a higher order of mud.

If you have a live person and a dead person side by side, what is the difference? They both have all the same stuff, the same potential for life. In chiropractic understanding, the difference is that the live one possesses an innate intelligence, or life force. Most people think the body is run and regulated by the brain, but let me ask you: What runs the brain? There are those who think genes dictate life, but we know that they turn off and on regularly, even mutating and adapting. So I ask: What turns genes on or off?

For a hundred years, chiropractors have been saying that there is a perfect, inborn intelligence inside us that continually gives 100 percent of the information we need to run, regulate, grow, heal and flourish. Ill health, disease and lack of potential arise only from a lack of expression of this intelligence.

The Expression of Light or Darkness

This lack of expression leads to dis-coordination of the body, or a lack of a body’s ability to comprehend itself in its own environment. That leads to an inability of the body to adapt to outside stressors, which causes a loss of function and a breakdown of tissue—a downward spiral of decay and, ultimately, death.

If we look at the full expression of this innate intelligence as being the fullest expression of life as light, we can look at the lack of this expression—decay or disease—as darkness. How do you remedy darkness? You can study darkness, examine it, qualify it, be aware of it and focus on it. But there’s only one way to remove darkness: Add light.

Chiropractic understands this premise. It doesn’t look to cure disease, address disease or diagnose disease. We understand disease for what it truly is—a lack state, one that arises only in the absence of the fullest expression of life.

The Subluxation Process

Chiropractic detects and corrects interference with the expression of this intelligence in relation to the spine. Our nerve system is what conducts the expression of this innate intelligence. Since our spinal cords are surrounded and protected by vertebrae, chiropractors became synonymous with backs. In truth, chiropractic deals with the innate intelligence and the nerve system. A chiropractor is not a doctor of the spine, especially not spinal disorders, decay or disease.

As a chiropractor, the only conclusion that I can make with any degree of certainty is that your body is better off with a clear nerve system than one with interference. Chiropractors are the only practitioners with the philosophy and the technique to find that interference—called subluxation—and to assist in correcting it.

Allopathic practitioners (i.e. mainstream medical doctors) usually regard us as “not whole,” and needing something outside ourselves to heal or grow. They assume that it takes an outside intelligence to look at us and tell us what we need, be it ultrasound, electrical stimulation, pharmaceuticals, supplements or something else.

We need to go back to our original thought process and ask: If a practitioner directs the energy where he thinks it needs to go, how does that honor an individual’s innate intelligence? Doesn’t innate intelligence know what is needed where, and how much? How does applying ultrasound to the mid-back honor that process?

In our society, sitting for five minutes in a drive-through can seem like an eternity. Commercials bombard us five to seven times in three minutes, and we can see problems get resolved in three eight-minute segments on TV. It can be challenging to shift our consciousness from that fast-paced lifestyle to comprehend that all of life, including healing, is a process, and that being under care is also a lifetime process.

Ask yourself: If you start to exercise because it’s good for you, when do you get to a point when you can stop? What about brushing your teeth, or eating vegetables and other healthy foods? You can always choose to stop doing those things, but that’s not congruent with the fullest expression of your life’s potential.

The Effects of Interference

So chiropractic care is a process that gives its greatest rewards over a lifetime. It starts with your getting checked to see how much the subluxation process is interfering with your nerve system and your life. We usually think we feel fine, but symptoms are the last thing to show up in a process, and therefore the worst possible way to judge your life’s expression.

We all know someone, or have heard of someone, who has dropped dead from a heart attack without warning. Or perhaps you know someone who got a routine check-up and discovered they had a 99 percent blockage in their coronary arteries and needed immediate open-heart surgery. There might have been no outward signs, yet we know that cardiovascular disease is a process that occurs over decades.

Similarly, diabetes is said to be at epidemic proportions, mostly due to there being no obvious signs until the process has gone rampant for years. Even a smaller systemic problem, such as tooth decay, occurs for years before you feel any pain or sensitivity. These things are all just examples of processes that are a function of our fundamental disconnect with the understanding of life and health. We are out of touch with ourselves. To live, it is not enough just not to die, or to be alive with no symptoms and never need surgery. I don’t believe that’s why God put us here on this planet.

Flourish and Grow

I believe we all have a purpose. We are all meant to flourish, grow and reach our optimum potential. You see, you cannot be in fear and love at the same time; you cannot be in survival mode and grow at the same time. I know we are meant to live in love and growth, and honor the gift of grace, always.

To me, it is impossible to accomplish this with a nerve system that is compromised—one that disconnects the creator from the creation and allows a little less life in us each and every day. So, from a person who has searched as a chiropractor for the meaning of our profession for the last 10 years—a person who has seen thousands of patients, read hundreds of books and listened to dozens of tapes and lecturers—please get checked.

Get checked for the subluxation process. Get your families checked, and your friends, your loved ones and anyone you care about. Even mention it to the people you don’t care about, as maybe it’s the subluxation process that’s preventing them from their fullest expression of love and happiness. You never know: With a clear nerve system, anything becomes possible.

About the Author:

Lloyd FielderLloyd Fielder D.C., completed his undergraduate studies at the State University of New York at Albany and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. He also has bachelor of science degrees in biology and human biology. He has owned and operated the Schaumburg Chiropractic Wellness Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, for the last seven years, transforming the practice into one that is focused on the innate ability of each person to achieve and express his or her full health potential. Visit him online at schaumburgchiropractor.com.

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