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The Wild Child

Written by Scott Noelle   
Friday, 01 September 2006 00:00

Domesticated animals confined to farms, zoos, and similar unnatural habitats lack a certain “spark” found in their wild counterparts. They’ve been bred or trained to live apart from their nature. They’ve adjusted to their lack of freedom.

Put a wild animal in a cage for the first time and behold the fury! What else would you expect from a creature who still knows it’s supposed to be free?

Children are born free and wild, and they don’t readily submit to “domestication.” And thank goodness for that! Because those who retain that spark are the ones who will uplift the next generation of humanity.

Today, look for evidence of the spark of wildness in your child…and celebrate it! Trust that s/he will civilize in due time. And meantime, let that spark ignite the flames of an authentic, passionate life.

For references and additional information about the author and topic, please visit: www.icpa4kids.org/research/references.htm

Pathways Issue 11 CoverThis article appeared in Pathways to Family Wellness magazine, Issue #11.

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