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FWF - 018 - Informed Choices About Seasonal News

Written by Jeanne Ohm, D.C.   
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 09:30

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Informed Choices about Seasonal News

Flu Vaccine Approved for this Year

In the USA Today report dated August 31, 2005, we are told that a new flu vaccine has been approved.

"To ensure that those who are at highest risk of complications from influenza have access to vaccine this season, CDC recommends that people in certain priority groups receive inactivated influenza vaccine (i.e., the “flu shot”) until October 24, 2005."

The 2005-2006 CDC flu vaccine recommendations are for the following:

  1. People aged 65 years and older, with and without chronic health conditions
  2. Residents of long-term care facilities
  3. People aged 2–64 years with chronic health conditions
  4. Children aged 6–23 months
  5. Pregnant women
  6. Health-care personnel who provide direct patient care
  7. Household contacts and out-of-home caregivers of children less than 6 months of age. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5436a3.htm

Considering the risk of mercury in vaccines and its harmful effects on infants and fetuses, one can only wonder why the CDC would include pregnant women and infants in their recommended population.!

Considering the ineffective results of the flu vaccine on the elderly, it is questionable as to why the CDC would recommend the flu vaccine for our older population. http://www.healthday.com/view.cfm?id=528105

To check for mercury content in vaccines visit: http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/thi-table.htm

And remember the advise of the National Vaccine Information Center: http://www.909shot.com/

Before you Vaccinate, Ask Eight:

  1. Is my child sick right now?
  2. Has my child had a bad reaction to a vaccination before?
  3. Does my child have a personal or family history of: vaccine reactions, convulsions or neurological disorders, severe allergies, immune system disorders
  4. Do I know if my child is at high risk of reacting?
  5. Do I know how to identify a vaccine reaction?
  6. Do I know how to report a vaccine reaction?
  7. Do I know the vaccine manufacturer's name and lot number?
  8. Do I know I have a choice?

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