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FWF - 019 - Pregnancy Matters

Written by Jeanne Ohm, D.C.   
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 09:39

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Pregnancy Matters

Fish Oil Supplementation

Fish oil is a fundamental supplementation for our fast food lifestyle. In pregnancy, it is important to select brands that are mercury because of the concern of mercury toxicity to the unborn child. This link will show you the best and worst brands of fish oil available. http://www.oceansalive.org/eat.cfm?subnav=fishoil&sort=Rating

For those of you who like eating fish, this article will introduce you to the best fish to eat: http://www.oceansalive.org/eat.cfm?subnav=buy

Epidural Anesthesia Leads to More C-Sections

This article from Midwifery Today is a critical review of a study and confirms the increase of c-section deliveries due to epidural anesthesia.

Complications of Cesarean Delivery

This article site the few benefits of c-sections and the many risks associated with cesarean deliveries to both the mother and baby. All mothers should be made aware of these risks and perhaps the rising rate of elective c-sections may be reduced. This comprehensive article may raise awareness for parents-to-be to make informed health care choices...http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/512946_4

Increased Risk of Cow Milk Allergy After Cesarean Delivery

In this study, cow milk allergy/intolerance was twice as common among children delivered by cesarean section compared to children delivered vaginally. Read the abstract here

Glaxo adds birth defect caution to Paxil

No drug in pregnancy is without side effects... Now a new study is showing the effects of Paxil on the unborn.
" Preliminary results suggest an increase in the risk of congenital malformations associated with the use of (Paxil) as compared to other antidepressants," the company's letter to physicians said. Physicians should "carefully weigh the potential risks and benefits of using paroxetine (Paxil) therapy in women during pregnancy and ... discuss these findings as well as treatment alternatives with their patients," the FDA said.

Intrapartum Antibiotic Exposure Raises Risk of Serious Infections in Infants

Several studies have demonstrated an association between maternal antibiotic therapy and early-onset of infection in pre term infants with resistant pathogens, the authors explain, but the question of late effects of maternal antibiotic treatment has not been addressed.

The relationship between infection with an ampicillin-resistant organism and intrapartum antibiotic exposure was significant for urinary tract infections and other serious bacterial infections, including meningitis, omphalitis, and bacteremia without urinary tract infection, the researchers note.

"Taking into account the potential limitations of our study, we believe that our findings have uncovered a potentially important, unintended consequence of the widespread use of broad-spectrum intrapartum antibiotics to prevent early-onset group B streptococcal infection," the investigators conclude.


Treating Group B Strep: Are Antibiotics Necessary?

This well referenced article discusses a very common concern for pregnant women today.

"Some studies have shown a decrease in GBS infection in newborns whose mothers accepted IV antibiotics during labor, but no decrease in the incidence of death. Still other research has found that preventive use of antibiotics is not always effective. In fact, one study found no decrease in GBS infection or deaths among newborns whose mothers were given IV antibiotics during labor."


From Mothering magazine comes a natural alternative: http://www.mothering.com/sections/experts/odent-archive.html#strep-b

Choices we make in pregnancy do matter!

Visit this page and read about the importance of the chiropractic wellness lifestyle for safer, easier births. http://www.icpa4kids.org/research/articles/pregnancy/articlelist.htm and http://www.icpa4kids.org/research/chiropractic/pregnancy.htm

Read additional articles here: http://www.icpa4kids.org/research/wellness.htm

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