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FWF - 042 - Natural Birthing: Be Involved!

Written by Jeanne Ohm, D.C.   
Tuesday, 26 May 2009 12:22

Issue 042 - Natural Birthing: Be Involved!  

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Table of Contents

  • What a Success!
  • Calling All Midwives!
  • News to Use: Natural Birthing Updates
  • Videos and Interviews of Interest

What a Success!

The first "Freedom for Family Wellness" in Philadelphia: May 8, 9, 10, 11, 2008 was a huge success!

Parents and practitioners celebrated family wellness with outstanding presenters representing key perspectives for vitalism: Mind-body, neuro-science, epigenetics, midwifery, informed health care choice and holistic family care. We are already planning next years event, so stay tuned for our "save the date" announcement.

Read more here: www.familywellnessfirst.org/about.html

View photos of the weekend here: www.familywellnessfirst.org

Order CDs of the weekend here: www.familywellnessfirst.org/cd_orders.html

Calling All Midwives!

The ICPA is co-sponsoring a survey study for all midwives!

The purpose of the survey is to collect information about the understanding an relationship of midwifery and chiropractic. If you are a midwife, please take the 3 minutes to fill out this survey. if you know any midwives, please forward them this survey so they can participate. Thanks!!

Access the survey here: www.icpa4kids.com/machform/view.php?id=1

News to Use: Natural Birthing Updates

  1. Excerpts from "Reducing maternal mortality both at home and abroad":
    -The US ranks 41st among 171 countries in the latest UN list ranking maternal mortality;
    -The US maternal mortality ratio is now 11 deaths per 100,000 live births, one of the highest rates among industrialized nations;
    -The US maternal deaths have remained roughly stable since 1982 and have not declined significantly since then.
  2. Voice your Opinion:
    Childbirth Connection (CC) and the National Partnership for Women and Families (NPWF) are jointly issuing this time-sensitive alert to update readers on important national maternity care quality issues and the opportunity for public comment. read more here: www.childbirthconnection.org/article.asp?ck=10565 

  3. Rise in preemies:
    C-sections may be behind rise of preemie births. Premature births of U.S. babies have been climbing since the mid-1990s and the increase is being driven by C-section deliveries: www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24863702/from/ET, Or is it the increased use of Ultrasound? Preterm labor more than doubled in ultrasounded women.  (Lorenz et al., 1990); Midwifery Today

  4. Birthing women win legal decision in PA:
    A heated PA case comes to a successful close: www.philly.com/philly/news/pennsylvania/20080524

  5. Midwifery Today Recommends a New Book:
    “Survivor Moms: Women’s Stories of  Birthing, Mothering and Healing after Sexual Abuse?” I think it is an important work for all health practitioners so we can collectively help these women heal. For more information: www.midwiferytoday.com/books/survivormoms_PR.asp

  6. 6. Read more about Natural Birthing Here: www.icpa4kids.org/research/pregnancy/natural.htm


Videos and Interviews of Interest

  1. This is a wonderful video of natural births of twins and triplets (unassisted, midwife, and hospital all included): www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E-wULAaD50

  2. Sent out by the Association For Pre- & Perinatal Psychology and Health is this informative pod cast: on prenatal and child development: www.seedsofcompassion.net

  3. Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) has this interview on the Webster technique with a long time ICPA member, Karen Ferguson D.C., F.I.C.P.A.: www.cappa.net/audio. Click on Episode 3: Chiropractic Care.


Many, many blessings,
Jeanne Ohm, DC
ICPA, Executive Coordinator
HPA, Executive Secretary

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