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Ear Infections (Otitis Media)

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1 Does Swimming Decrease the Incidence of Otitis Media?
2 Otitis Media Complication of Other Childhood Disorders
3 Ear Infections on the Rise
4 Otitis Media Linked to Secondhand Smoke
5 Allergy Tied to Otitis Media
6 Mom's Who Smoke Increase Child's Risk of Ear Infection
7 Homeopathy for Ear Infections: Minimal Relapses, No Side Effects
8 Amoxicillin With and Without Decongestant-Antihistamine Combination is Not Effective for the Treatment of Persistent Asymptomatic Middle Ear Effusions in Infants and Children
9 Placebo Fares as Well as Amoxicillin
10 Oral Decongestants are Ineffective in Treatment, or Prevention, of Otitis Media in Children
11 Antibiotic Treatment for Ear Infections Remains Controversial
12 Limited Evidence to Justify Antibiotic Usage for Acute Ear Infections
13 No Difference of Effectiveness in Various Antibiotics
14 Treatment With Antibiotics Made No Difference in Outcome Than in No Treatment
15 Antibiotics Are Not the Best Treatment for Middle Ear Infections
16 Antibiotics Not Effective for Otitis Media with Effusion
17 Are Antibiotics Indicated as Initial Treatment for Children with Acute Otitis Media?
18 Antibiotic Treatment of Otitis Media is No More Effective Than Placebo, and Increases the Risks of Reoccurrence
19 Clinical Evidence Shows Limited Effect of Antibiotic Treatment on Children With Acute Otitis Media
20 There Have Been Numerous Studies in the Medical Literature Reporting the Ineffectiveness of Antibiotics as Treatment for Ear Infections
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