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Birth Trauma - Antibiotic Abuse - Vaccine Reaction

Wednesday, 12 November 2008 17:30

Abstract: No matter how "easy" a pregnancy may appear, the physical trauma that may occur (luring that time will have its own peculiar dangers to the cranial and spinal structures of the infant. Those injuries, if left unattended, may adversely effect the physical, emotional and mental growth and development of the child during the most vital period of their lives. Identifying and addressing the resultant injuries may he a challenge, especially to the uninitiated. Those who choose to accept the challenge are advised to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to address both spinal and cranial injuries. The patient in this case report represents a population of children who have suffered from birth related trauma, overuse of antibiotics and adverse reactions to vaccinations. They are children who need us. Their parents suffer the anguish of being considered neurotic when they initially sense something is wrong and then ignored when they beg for assistance in raising a chronically ill and disabled child. Organized medicine has little to offer these children outside of medication to treat the symptoms and tests to document the dysfunction. It is up to our profession and others like us to step forward and actively do something to improve the lives of both the children and their families.

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