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Breastfeeding, A Complex Support System for the Offspring

Wednesday, 29 October 2008 10:16

Presented at Pediatrics International (2002), this paper addresses the realtionship between breastfeeding and infants’ improved immune system function.

Via several mechanisms it seems that human milk can actively stimulate the immune system of the breast-fed infant. This reduces the risk of infections like otitis media, respiratory tract infections, diarrhea and infection-induced wheezing for several years after the termination of breast-feeding. Furthermore, it seems that breast-feeding decreases the risk of attracting celiac disease and allergic diseases.The latter has been much debated, but a recent critical review of published reports gives good support for long-term protection of allergic diseases, especially in high-risk children

Pediatrics International (2002) 44, 347–352 Invited Paper Breastfeeding, a complex support system for the offspring