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Breastfeeding Works for Pain Management

Wednesday, 29 October 2008 10:17

Breastfeeding virtually eliminated crying and grimacing in infants undergoing the collection of blood samples from their heels in a recent study. Thirty infants who were held and breastfed by their mothers while undergoing the procedure were compared with 30 who were swaddled and placed in a bassinet. Crying and grimacing were reduced by 91% and 84% respectively among the breastfed babies. The researchers say these findings show that pain relief and stress reduction should be added to the long list of proven benefits of breastfeeding.

Gray L, Miller LW, Philipp BL, Blass EM   Breastfeeding is analgesic in healthy newborns   Pediatrics 2002 (Apr);   109 (4):   590-593