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Canadian Dental Association Advises Against Flouride Treatment

Monday, 03 November 2008 15:02

There is "...weak scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of fluoride supplements." This was reported at a Canadian Consensus Conference on the Appropriate Use of Fluoride Supplements.

"Half of all ingested fluoride remains in the skeletal system and accumulates with age," says Limeback. "Studies have linked fluoridation to hip fractures and high levels of naturally-occurring water fluoride to crippling skeletal fluorosis, a bone deforming arthritic-type disease endemic to India," says Limeback.

A study by Limeback shows that residents of fluoridated Toronto have twice as much fluoride in their hip bones as residents of non- fluoridated Montreal. "Worse, we discovered that fluoride is actually altering the basic architecture of human bones," says Limeback. Ironically, "Here in Toronto we've been fluoridating for 36 years. Yet Vancouver, which has never fluoridated, has a cavity rate lower than Toronto's," says Limeback.