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Cesarean Section Increase: Cause for Concern

Sunday, 16 November 2008 13:24
In Great Britian, the number of women giving birth by c-section increased once again in 2001. Hospitals in England and Scotland now have a 22% rate and whales and Northern Ireland is up to 24%

The New Zealand Ministry of Health is concerned that a growing proportion of c-sections in the country is done for the convenience of the mother and/ or physicianIndividuals and organizations are speaking out against these “social cesareans.” National maternity manager Barbara Browne says, “The health sector needs to support women around the time of childbirth to help them feel strong.” The C-section rate in New Zealand has risen from 12% in 1988 to 20% in 2001. The WHO estimates that the rate of C-section should be between 5 and 15% of all births.