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Colic Linked With Allergy

Thursday, 30 October 2008 13:28

A just-published study confirms what many parents and chiropractors have long suspected: colic is  associated with allergy. Researchers in Finland tracked 116 infants for one week at seven weeks of age, and for one week at 12 weeks of age. The study revealed that 38% of children who showed signs of allergies at 2 years of age were significantly more fussy during their seventh week and were more likely to have a colic-type cry during their twelfth week, compared with allergy-free babies.

Kalliomäki M, Laippala P, Korvenranta H, Kero P, Isolauri E.   Extent of fussing and colic type crying preceding atopic disease   Arch Dis Child 2001 (Apr);   84 (4):   349-50