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Drug-Free Childbirth Prevents Repeat C-Section

Monday, 17 November 2008 18:38

While inducing labor with medication poses dangers for all deliveries, it's especially hazardous for women who have had previous Caesarean sections, researchers report. The study enrolled 179 women with a history of C-section. Of the 57 who had their labor induced, 57.9% had successful vaginal deliveries, compared with 77.1% of those who did not use labor-inducing drugs. Among women who went into labor spontaneously, those who used oxytocin had a 64.5% chance of avoiding C-section, compared with 87.5% of mothers who did not use oxytocin. For mothers who delivered via C-section in the past, inducing labor not only ups the risk of repeat C-section but also multiplies the odds of uterine rupture.

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