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In-School Posture Awareness Classes Prevent Back Pain

Wednesday, 29 October 2008 09:28

Teaching children about proper posture may keep them free of future backache, according to a report by researchers in Spain.   As part of the experiment, 106 third-grade students participated in 11 sessions of either a posture awareness program or no intervention.

Results revealed that "The level of knowledge and motor skills in the experimental group showed a significant increase immediately after the intervention finished, and at 6- and 12-month intervals . . . In an independent health check carried out by the local school health services 4 years after application of the postural hygiene program, the results tended slightly to favor the experimental condition over the control conditions (placebo + no intervention). A significantly greater number of the control subjects "required medical treatment for low-back pain."

Mendez FJ, Gomez-Conesa A.   Postural hygiene program to prevent low back pain   Spine. 2001 (Jun 1);   26 (11):   1280-1286