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Informed Health Care Choices

Wednesday, 29 October 2008 09:51

Choosing our birth care provider is of utmost importance. As seen in the literature, those trained for crisis care may lead to further intervention and crisis.

"Under no circumstances do the California data for 1989 and 1990 allow the obstetric profession to uphold the claim that for the large majority of low-risk women hospital birth is "safer" with respect to perinatal mortality. Our data also suggest that even for the high-risk levels of our Study Population the natural approach (including transfers) produces the same perinatal mortality outcomes as the obstetric approach."

"Given no differences in perinatal mortality it must be noted that the natural approach shows significant advantages with respect to lower maternity care cost as well as reduced mortality and morbidity from unnecessary cesareans and other obstetric interventions, and significant benefits from avoiding negative long-term consequences from unnecessary obstetric interventions and procedures. These advantages of the natural approach are of such a large order of magnitude as to raise serious doubts concerning the appropriateness of conventional "obstetric" treatment for low-risk childbirth."

-PETER F. SCHLENZKA www.vbfree.org/docs/meadsum.html

Before we decide, we must be informed!