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Is the Germ Theory of Disease Creating its Reality?

Monday, 03 November 2008 15:10
At the Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association June, 2000, the following statement was issued: . "Antibacterial soaps may be no more effective against germs than common soap, and could contribute to the threat posed by drug-resistant bacterial strains, according to a statement by the American Medical Association (AMA)." Unfortunalely, they stopped stopped short of recommending that people avoid using the popular soaps, lotions and mouthwashes.

They have asked government regulators to expedite their review of antibacterial products and determine if they might contribute to the health threat created by excessive use of antibiotics.
"There's no evidence that they do any good and there's reason to suspect that they could contribute to a problem" by helping to create antibiotic-resistant bacteria, said Myron Genel, chairman of the AMA's Council on Scientific Affairs and a Yale University pediatrician.

He said use of the products may contribute to the well-recognized problem created by excessive use of antibiotics that has led to mutated bacterial strains that are resistant to drugs.

The following article in Conscious Choice offers an entire article to the subject, siting the types of soaps which contribute to resistant strains of bacteria.