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Kids with ADHD are Injury-Prone

Monday, 03 November 2008 15:22
Youngsters with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more prone to injury, compared with children without attention challenges, according to research presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies' meeting in Baltimore, MD.

Investigators sifted through the medial records of 61,170 youths, ages 3 to 17 years. A total of 7,550 of these children were diagnosed with ADHD. Findings showed that during an 8-year period 0.92% of youngsters without ADHD suffered from an injury requiring hospital care. In contrast, 1.63% of children with ADHD withstood a serious injury. After controlling for age and gender, the researchers concluded that youngsters with ADHD are 77% more likely to suffer a significant trauma.

"Targeted and specific injury prevention strategies for this population might lessen the potential for new injury,"
suggest the study's authors.

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